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Get back your confidence with a full head of hair!


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At Aventus Clinic we offer the most advanced treatments carried out by expert doctors, providing the highest quality care and an exclusive experience. We want to help you feel more confident and take care to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, with all treatments tailored to your individual needs.

We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are pleased with their treatments, ensuring the highest standard of care and the most natural results.

Expert care with over 18 years of Surgical Experience

CQC and GMC registered

Guaranteed results with over 1,500 satisfied patients

Best in class support and after care

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Owen came to see us in Feb 2020 with concerns about his ongoing hair loss. He is busy travelling for work, he loves to play music and entertain. He was becoming increasingly worried about his hair when performing on stage.

It was beginning to affect his confidence and general well being, he had resorted to wearing a baseball cap all the time. Due to his busy lifestyle he wasn’t able to arrange any treatment for his hair loss in the past. The time was right now, to get this sorted out! He went looking for a good, reliable clinic that was easily accessible.

Owen came to Aventus Clinic and had a consultation with Dr Alam. Owen had quite extensive hair loss and this was obviously causing him some distress, Dr Alam offered a combination surgical and medical treatments for hair restoration. Owen had a FUE hair transplant and or oral medication.

Aventus Clinic UK

Pioneering Excellence in Medical Hair Restoration
In the dynamic landscape of the United Kingdom’s healthcare, Aventus Clinic shines as a leading institution dedicated to the intricate field of hair health. As a premier hair transplantation clinic and hair treatment clinic, Aventus Clinic has earned a strong reputation, positioning itself as a hub for individuals seeking top-notch solutions for a range of hair-related concerns.




Abul, Dr Alam and the nurses at Aventus have been absolutely amazing. From my consultation to my hair transplant and my Hair Transplant treatment, I can’t thank them enough for their time, advice, reassurance, communication and service. Abul was there for me 24/7. I’m 6 months into my journey and I couldn’t be happier, the results are absolutely amazing too. If you’re thinking about it, stop thinking and do it. I have been recommending Aventus to everyone! 10/10.


I couldn’t recommend Aventus Clinic more. I had a hair transplant in March as well as 3 x Hair Transplant treatments since & the results I’ve seen (already) are fantastic. In terms of customer service, Abs has always been immediately available at any time; always super happy to help. Dr. Alam is incredibly knowledgeable, patient; friendly, he always took time to answer all of my many questions in detail; is clearly thoroughly experienced.


On the day of my transplant everything ran smoothly. Dr. Alam led the procedure accompanies by his team of technicians who were equally as professional. After the procedure Abs; Dr. Alam regularly checked in; reviewed photos to ensure everything was healing correctly.

My expectations were well managed in terms of not seeing much growth in the first 3 months, but now going into my 5th month I look like a new man & with hair continuing to come through.

Massive thanks to the team at Aventus Clinic, my biggest regret is not going for a consultation sooner.

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I first started to notice my hair loss around March 2022. I got in touch with Aventus Clinic in April who were very quick to respond to my issue. Firstly they gave me a call and we discussed what sort of issue I was having and what they could offer me. They provided me with a consultation in person to examine my condition. The staff was welcoming and very friendly from my first visit till the last. The treatment I decided to go for was Hair Transplant and to start taking.


I had three Hair Transplant sessions which were spaced 6 weeks apart from each other. Surpisingly this didn’t hurt at all and the staff member which was doing the procedure made the experience ten times better! No Pain, No Stress and no waiting around. I can’t recommended Aventus Clinic enough! Before any procedure went on, Dr Alam first spoke to you and went over any issues or worries you might have. After that if you have any more issues or worries after the appointment, As I started to have worries or issues, I just dropped Abul a message and he responded very quickly and reassured me, I highly recommend getting in touch with Abul as he will go through every possible treatmeant/outcome for you. My hair is now feeling so much healthier and is so much thicker.

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So when I first thought about getting my hair sorted – I was extremely nervous about it from the offset and had a lot of negative thoughts about what if it looks bad or if it doesn’t come out how I wanted it to. With Dr Alam, all these negative thoughts were put to bed straight away from the initial consultation, I was made to feel at ease and his knowledge really made me happy with the choice I made to go with Aventus Clinic.


From booking in to the 1 year follow up, the team have been extremely thorough and incredibly helpful.

I had 1800 grafts inserted to fix my receding hairline and to strengthen the surrounding hair along with 3 Hair Transplant treatments.

The morning of the procedure I arrived at the clinic and it was very peaceful, Dr Alom consulted with me on the hairline we chose and then proceeded to shave my hair and administer the anaesthetic.

When the grafts were being harvested, the nurses were very nice and I couldn’t feel a thing and they asked what kind of music I wanted to listen to as I was face down … I fell asleep for most of it.

Once the grafts were harvested, we had a break and they provided me with lunch that they ordered for me.

After lunch it was time for the Dr to make the incisions for where the grafts would be input – this was very straight forward, again I didn’t feel a thing and the Dr made me feel very at ease and I watched a whole lot of Netflix while this was done.

Once the incisions were made, the Dr began transplanting the grafts and then the nurses took over to finish off the job, with the Dr popping in every now and again to check on the progress and to give his thumbs up that he was happy.

The healing process at first was difficult but after the first few days it was a breeze and I could not be happier with the outcome.

I would recommend Aventus clinic to anyone thinking about getting a transplant and my final product is something that I am happy to show off and talk to anyone about it!

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When I first considered getting a hair transplant, I was filled with a lot of anxiety, and I was extremely self-conscious of how I looked since my hairline had practically vanished. I hated the way I looked to the extent that I did not want to even be in photos anymore. This soon changed when I met Dr Alam and the team for my first consultation. I was initially greeted by Abul, the clinic’s Patient Liaison Manager, and I entered a clinic that was so tranquil and welcoming


I knew even before the consultation that I was making the right choice just through the first impression that I had of the clinic. I then proceeded with the consultation with Dr Alam, during which he went into profound detail about the “science of hair,” why and how men lose their hair, the treatment options available, etc. The amount of information provided during the initial consultation certainly allowed me to make an informed and pressure-free decision on what treatment to proceed with. I then booked my surgery to have a hair transplant to reconstruct my hairline, along with three Hair Transplant injections following the transplant.

A few weeks later the day of the surgery arrived, and once again I felt at ease the entire time I was at the clinic. I had an initial chat with Dr Alam and then finalised my new hairline following his expert advice. I was extremely impressed at how keen Dr Alam was to ensure that my hairline would look natural – which it certainly does since most people do not even realise that I have had a hair transplant unless I tell them. I was then taken into the treatment room where my hair was shaved, I was given anaesthetic and then the procedure began.

For the first part of the procedure, I was lying face-down while Dr Alam and the nurses began to harvest follicles from the back of my head, which were later implanted to the area of hair that I had previously lost. It is no surprise that I felt comfortable and at ease since they made sure my favourite music was playing in the background and they were talking to me constantly. At one point I did actually forget that I was in the middle of having surgery since I felt so comfortable.

After harvesting the follicles there was a short break and Abul gave me a rather delicious lunch that I pre-ordered before the surgery.

After this, Dr Alam then made the incisions needed to implant the harvested follicles into my head. Once again, I felt calm the entire time it was happening since I could not feel any pain plus Dr Alam explained what he was doing as the procedure went on. Also, being able to watch Netflix during this part of the procedure certainly helped!

Then, the nurses returned and began to implant the follicles into my head while I continued to watch Netflix. I was so impressed at the level of precision and patience of the team during this point of the procedure. This then went on for a few hours and the procedure was over by the late afternoon. I finally had a hairline again!

After this, I had another chat with Dr Alam about the healing process and how to care for my new hair. He then provided me with an aftercare package with all the essentials that I needed to ease the healing process.

In the weeks following the procedure, I received daily messages from Abul advising on how to care for my head while it was healing. I was impressed by the high level of support that Abul provided since I was able to message him anytime when I had any concerns – even if it was late at night!

Waiting for the new hair to grow is certainly not a quick process, but it is one worth waiting for. Fast forward one year and I now have hair that I love which has allowed my self-confidence to grow exponentially and this has benefited other areas of my life too.

If you are considering having a hair transplant, then I would 100% recommend Dr Alam and the team at Aventus Clinic.

It’s a 5-star review from me! 10 out of 10!

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I had my treatment early November 2021. I’d always been insecure about my bald spot to the point where I just always felt uncomfortable with anyone standing over me if I was sat down. It just affected my overall confidence. I started looking into the surgery and had read some horror stories having the work done abroad. Speaking with Dr Alam and seeing the before and afters of his other clients was a real eye opener for me, I was so impressed with the results


I booked in and Dr Alam walked me through every step of the procedure. The after care, the follow up consultations. I had 2200 grants inserted, this was to fix the main area and strength the surrounding area. This was followed up with a Hair Transplant treatment. The procedure was nice and easy, after the anaesthetic was administered, I was very comfortable while they harvested the grafts. Following that I was sat up and just relaxed and watched Netflix while they got to work. During the healing process I had to adjust to sleeping at around 45 degree angle for a little while which didn’t take long, other than that it was nice and easy. I was working from home at the time and
able to wear a beanie 2 weeks after the procedure.

This was the exciting part for me. After 10 days it had healed and the scabbing had fallen away, this was the point where the hair was settling in. I had a Zoom call with Dr Alam to review the progress and book in my new Hair Transplant. During the post treatment the team could not have been more helpful. By March my hair had grown back to a good length, transplanted area starting to come through more. However, by the end of April, the results were astounding! It was pretty much there. I was expecting a full year from the procedure in November, but by this point the results were fantastic. Even with my excitement, I was happily advised it is still getting there. By the end of May, just wow. I could not believe how far it had come along. The results were just fantastic. My confidence was back to where it should be, I felt better in myself, and I just couldn’t be happier.

1 year and 5 months later, I still stand by what I said back in May last year. It was the best decision for me, I ever made. For something that just bothered me for so many years, I feel like it was fixed overnight. Being someone who used to have long hair, and has always had hair in general, it was the right thing to do.

I can’t thank Dr Alam and his team enough. I highly recommend Aventus Clinic, I’m happy to speak to anyone who has any questions or doubts. 

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In FUE, natural groups of 1-4 hairs are harvested from the head and transplanted to the area of your scalp where you are experiencing hair loss. Donor sites tend to be from the sides or back of the head, with hair follicles then being implanted into the new site. Careful consideration of hair volume, angle and colouring is taken to ensure the best possible hair match to cover balding areas and achieve the fullest, most natural look.


Aventus Clinic UK

Pioneering Excellence in Medical Hair Restoration
In the dynamic landscape of the United Kingdom’s healthcare, Aventus Clinic shines as a leading institution dedicated to the intricate field of hair health. As a premier hair transplantation clinic and hair treatment clinic, Aventus Clinic has earned a strong reputation, positioning itself as a hub for individuals seeking top-notch solutions for a range of hair-related concerns.
Aventus Clinic's Commitment to Advanced Hair Health Solutions

Strategically located in the heart of the United Kingdom, Aventus Clinic goes beyond traditional medical establishments by blending cutting-edge medical expertise with compassionate care. As a distinguished UK hair clinic, Aventus Clinic stands out through its combination of advanced medical knowledge and a caring approach, addressing the diverse needs of its clients.

Apex of Proficiency: Expertise from Dr Suhail Alam and Team

Aventus Clinic boasts a team of seasoned professionals, including the best hair doctor near me, bringing a wealth of clinical experience. They specialize in modern methodologies and treatments designed to combat hair loss and promote natural hair regrowth. Clients trust Aventus Clinic for personalized, medically sound solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Navigating the World of Hair Transplantation: Innovations in Hair Transplant Surgery

Aventus Clinic takes a leading position in the field of hair transplant surgery in the UK. The clinic’s commitment to excellence is evident in its use of state-of-the-art medical technologies and groundbreaking surgical techniques, ensuring optimal and lasting results for those seeking a long-term solution to hair loss. Whether considering a hair transplant Hitchin or exploring options for a hair transplant near me, Aventus Clinic offers a transformative experience.

Bespoke Precision: Elevating Hair Loss Consultations

Aventus Clinic champions a personalized approach to hair health, offering meticulous hair loss consultation sessions characterized by informed medical discussions. These consultations provide a platform for clients to express their concerns, engage in discussions about available therapeutic options, and make informed decisions based on their individualized goals.

Aventus Clinic's Holistic Vision: A Comprehensive Approach in Hair Loss Clinics

Beyond being a hair transplantation clinic or a hair treatment clinic, Aventus Clinic positions itself as a holistic hair loss clinic. The focus extends beyond addressing immediate aesthetic concerns to encompass a holistic approach that nurtures enduring hair health. The clinic’s services include preventive interventions, educational resources, and ongoing support, creating an environment that epitomizes medical diligence and patient-centric care.


FUE hair transplants are permanent in that transplanted hair follicles will maintain their quality even when transplanted to an area of hair loss.

This hair can be treated in the same way as the rest of your other hair in every aspect from washing it to cutting it.

While FUE hair transplants are ‘permanent’, the main difficulty with hair loss is that it is typically an ongoing issue, meaning that while your transplanted hair will remain, other hair around this area may continue to thin. In these cases you might then wish to have a further FUE hair transplant to allow you to regrow these other areas of hair loss. Typically, patients are willing to have further FUE hair transplants to replace hair that is lost from other areas of the scalp after their initial surgery. However, as we are limited by our sources of donor hair to use in transplants, maintenance of existing hair is integral to slowing overall hair loss. Using hair loss medications and serums alongside your FUE hair transplant is therefore vital to preventing further thinning and sustaining hair in the long-term. Equally, while advanced methods mean that we are able to transplant hair in greater volume, it is often impossible to achieve the volume of the original hair. This is due to the fact that concentrated incisions would leave too much trauma to the scalp, preventing the skin and hair from healing well. Because of this, it is common to have more than one FUE hair transplant over your journey to hair restoration, with this helping clients achieve a fuller appearance.
One of the reasons that FUE is so popular is because it is much less invasive than something like FUT. A local anesthetic is administered for the procedure, with a majority of clients experiencing no pain at all despite being conscious. While you may experience some minor discomfort during your first few days of recovery, this is minimal and the potential for further health complications following FUE is very low.

During FUT the surgeon removes a section of skin from the back of the head and obtains hair follicles from this for the transplant.

However, the nature of this procedure means that it can leave a rather specific type of scar along the back of the head where the area of skin has been taken from.However, FUE hair transplants are a much less invasive procedure than FUT, with individual hair follicles instead being taken directly from the scalp. Often, hair donor follicles are taken from the back of the neck and relocated to the new section of the scalp so as to create a similar pattern to the hair that previously grew there. The best thing about FUE is that it leaves minimal scarring, with recovery time being days as opposed to the multiple weeks that it can take for FUT scars to fully heal.

On the whole, many patients prefer the FUE hair transplant method to FUT, with it being a less painful, more effective and refined procedure and allowing clients to achieve a more natural result.

The best treatment for your hair loss will depend on a number of factors like the pattern of your hair thinning and your family history. However, one of the key things that makes you an ideal candidate for the procedure is having enough hair growth at the back and sides of the head to ensure there are enough hair follicles to act as a donor. Likewise, other elements like texture and colour will impact the final appearance.

FUE has a success rate of over 95%. However, this is highly dependent on the skills of the surgeon performing the operation. Choosing a reputable clinic with an experienced surgeon is the best way to maximise your chances of success.

FUE is a highly effective hair loss solution, consistently outperforming alternative treatments. While most men will notice a major improvement with FUE, some candidates are more suitable than others. The most important criteria is having enough donor hair on the back and sides of your head. The colour and consistency of your hair will also affect the final result.

FUE prices vary greatly depending on the number of follicles that need to be extracted. Some clinics will charge per graft, while others will charge a flat rate for different levels of procedure. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay at least £3,000 for an FUE hair transplant. Cheaper procedures are available, but these are usually not performed by reputable surgeons.